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  • Danny Muse
    Service Manager

    Danny grew up in the car business. He started in sales, transitioning to finance, and eventually became a sales manager. While he's new to our dealership, he has about 10 years of service experience under his belt, and a total of 25 years experience in the car business.

  • Steve Bauer
    Service Advisor

    Steve is new here and is a Veteran of the US Army, where he worked as a supply clerk. After that, he began his career in the automotive field. He's done several jobs in his 27 years, starting with parts delivery, and has received awards of excellence for customer satisfaction in his time as a Service Advisor.

  • Hannah Chesmore
    Service Advisor

    Hannah came to our dealership two years ago, after being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. While in the Marines, she was a diesel mechanic. She grew up in a "racing family" so she's always worked with vehicles in some capacity.

  • Kacey Duncan
    Service Advisor

    Though Kacey is new to our dealership, he's been working in the automotive industry for about 7 years. While he currently works as a Service Advisor, he's also got experience as an Express Service Advisor.

  • Nick McDonald
    Service Advisor

    Nick is new to our dealership, but has about 5 years experience under his belt. He began his career in the automotive field as a salesman. He decided to join the service side of things about 2 years ago, and has since worked as a Service Advisor.

  • Tom Twing
    Service Advisor

    Tom has been with Dave Wright Nissan Subaru for 12 years. He's been the recipient of 6 dealership awards and 4 awards from Nissan for customer satisfaction, plus part of the team that's received Subaru's Stellar Care awards.

  • Leland Jolles
    Express Service Advisor

    Leland is new to the area, but worked previously as an Express Service Advisor in his home town of Chicago. He's in the Marine Reserves and acts as a weapons specialist.

  • Dave Brown
    Master Technician

    Dave has worked for Dave Wright Nissan Subaru for 22 years. He has several years of prior experience as a service manager, but has settled in here as a Nissan Master Technician.

  • Scott Hansel
    Master Technician

    Scott has been a fixture at this dealership, logging 35 years of service! Scott went to school to do auto body work, then fresh out of school he decided to join our team, and is now a Nissan Master Technician.

  • Adam Herman

    Adam has worked for Dave Wright Nissan Subaru for 13 years and has a few more years of experience under his belt prior to coming on board here. He's proud to be a Subaru Senior Master Technician.

  • Jaron Merrifield
    Master Technician

    Jarron came to our dealership fresh out of high school and has been here for 13 years. He started in our detail department washing cars for about 2 years, and worked his way up to becoming a Subaru Master Technician.

  • Scott Ward
    Master Technician

    Scott grew up on a farm, and helped out quite a bit working on the machinery, so moving into the automotive field just fit. He owned an auto body shop for a time, but has been here at Dave Wright Nissan Subaru for 31 years, and is currently a Nissan Master Technician.

  • Derek Anderson

    Derek has worked for Dave Wright Nissan Subaru for 7 years. Right out of high school, Derek joined the Navy where he worked as a Sonar Technician. After that, he worked various jobs before deciding to go to school to become an Automotive Technician.

  • Jeremy Frankhouser
    Service Technician

    Jeremy is new to our dealership, but started his automotive career in small shops around the area before joining the Army. Though he's been working on vehicles a total of 15 years, he has also served as a CNA with the VA.

  • Austin Glandorf

    Austin was a student at Kirkwood in their Automotive Technology program prior to coming to Dave Wright Nissan Subaru. He's been with us for 2 years now, but has been working on cars for nearly 5 years.

  • Mike Hughes
    Line Technician

    Mike grew up with a father who was a mechanic. He came to us 7 years ago, after attending Kirkwood's Automotive Technology program. Before that, he was in the Army as an M1 tank specialist.

  • Stacy Miller

    While Stacy didn't begin his career here, he's been a part of our team for 31 years. In addition to being a Service Technician, he also is responsible for applying all of the aftercare treatments.

  • Garrett Baumgartner

    Garrett has been with Dave Wright Nissan Subaru for nearly a year. He started in this field as a lot attendant, but is now a student intern from the Kirkwood Automotive Technician program. He is also in the Army National Guard as a drone operator.

  • Alex Frederick
    Express Technician

  • Sue Grant
    Shuttle Driver

    Sue has been a loyal customer for more than 30 years, so when she retired from the Red Cross, it seemed only fitting that she join our family. In addition to the Red Cross, Sue was a member of the Civil Air Patrol, the auxillary unit of the United States Air Force, where she retired as a Major after serving for 20 years.

  • Bob Pannkuk
    Warranty Administrator

    Bob was in the telephone industry for 30 years prior to joining the Dave Wright Nissan Subaru family as a shuttle driver and warranty administrator 15 years ago. As the dealership grew, Bob got busier with both positions and transitioned to doing warranty work full-time.